An extraordinary project.

This project has a unique story, and its transformation is right to its needs.

This is a space with an area of ​​58 square meters, intended for the living room of David's parental house.

The project started one year ago, more precisely in February 2019, when he decided to bring his childhood home back to life.

The room concerned was crowded, lacking personality and unwelcoming, therefore, it was desired to change the appearance of the room and to create a light, welcoming, comfortable and sociable space, so that the family could meet and enjoy the time spent together, creating memories.

Each stage required attention, work and responsibility, as the project came with many challenges.
The most complicated step was to rethink the whole enclosure, both in terms of decoration, as well as of thermal and electrical installations, thus implemented, a more special style and rarely approached in our area - the tropical-minimalist style.

The colour scheme was inspired by the combination of these two styles, therefore creating balance and harmony.

Image by Annie Spratt

the story