The design of the building is marked by the idea of highlighting the products, placing them on a dark background. We used spot rails with an angle of 45 degrees anchored to the ceiling that allows us countless ways to disperse light from any perspective on each product and expose them to every customer that enters the store. It is also an open space office because of all four desks positioned on the right side of the space.


The idea was to interact with every customer that enters the building. The structure behind the acoustic panels is made of aluminium profiles and rubber washers that are meant to prevent shaking when the speakers are tested.

The acoustic materials used on the walls and ceiling make this store sound like a recording studio. For on optimum results were also involved sound engineers, who calibrated the room and corrected each frequency to provide a unique experience for the customers. The most exciting thing is that every instrument and sound speakers can be tested and compared in real-time.


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