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The studied land is located in Zagon village, Covasna county.

The land has 1654.80 sqm aligned with the neighboring lands, with a favorable location for residential construction.

The plan proposes a family house, on one story - ground floor.

The building will be located in accordance with Area Town Planning approved and the Civil Code. Thus, together with the beneficiary, the location of the new building was established in comparison with the land boundaries:

at 39.37 m from the south-street boundary;
0.83 m to the east;
2.74 m to the north;

The main access to the house will be from the south.

There are two more access points in the house, one on the north side, one on the terrace area on the west side and a fourth garage access point on the south side.

Around the building and up to the street will be arranged an alley paved with concrete slabs, decorative stone and WPC profiles for access and circulation, and on the surface of the green area will be sown the lawn and will be planted shrubs and decorative plants.

The structure is made of continuous concrete foundations under all the resistance walls.

Brick masonry with a thickness of 30 cm on the outside, and on the inside the thicknesses vary from 16 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm to 30 cm, which will include sanitary installations. Masonry with Porotherm type gaps, connected with pips and reinforced concrete.

The roof is made of double wooden frames, visible from the inside, and the anthracite gray corrugated sheet is used as coverings and protections on the outside.

Image by Brooke Lark

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