Located in a mountainous area full of wildlife, this house has an exceptional view. It is located on a plot with a level difference of about 5 meters looking from the street, towards the garden.

Being positioned in the center of the site, the building benefits of lots of big windows on all sides of the building, therefore being able to receive sunlight on every hour of the day.

The interior design was created in the "country" style but in a simple, minimalist manner with some classic and tropical elements such as carpets in the living room and kitchen area, bamboo ladder placed in the bathroom, a heat-treated wooden grill placed in the shower area and, exotic large-leaved plants.

For a cozy ambiance we used warm lighting (3000K), placed specifically in the relaxation and access areas.

The furniture is the main element that connects very well the two general styles, thus completing the image of a warm and friendly home.

Forest Stream