The apartment has a usable area of ​​49.68 sqm. The challenge we encountered was this surface should remain as favorable as possible, so we only introduced a compartmentalization wall between the bedroom and the rest of the apartment to create a separate and intimate area. The access door is made of oak veneer, the same material as the furniture, and anchored by a sliding system that allows it to be opened by sliding inside the furniture.

The apartment is intended for the young, contemporary couple, who wants nothing more than a comfortable home and a friendly atmosphere. This idea was the basis of the chromatic composition, so we introduced natural materials such as oak wood and light colors to create a very pleasant atmosphere.

The furniture was also designed in a simple and efficient manner. Although it is a small apartment, the intelligent location of the modules makes the space keep both the maximum capacity of the usable area and the spaces needed for a normal house, with numerous areas for the placement of appliances and household goods.


Image by Markus Spiske

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